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Do you want to get involved? You can do it in many ways. Below the list of needs, from the most important to the smaller, but equally important:

  • Financial support – Organizing a camp is without any doubts a costly event. Any kind of financial support will help us in organizing additional activities for children and other interesting attractions.
  • Material support – goods, toys and prizes. During our initiative we need a number of different types of materials, i.e. markers, notebooks, books, games. Moreover, awarded kids will take part in an excursion, which takes place a couple of weeks after the camp. To make it happen we would appreciate support from companies, which could provide us any type of goods or help with additional activities.
  • Organizing time-off for kids – We are committed to make every camp a special experience for participating kids. We count on your support such as entrance tickets to cinema, swimming pool or help with organizing some activities for them.
  • Promoting our initiative – A success of our project largely depends on the support from local media. Presence of our initiative in the media would make us more visible to potential sponsors and partners. This means that more companies and organizations will be willing to get involved in the camp, what would influence quality of camp for children.
  • Supporting as a volunteer – Each time a number of volunteers take part take part in the project. Everyone does it free-of-charge putting unbelievable amount of time and energy to create an interesting program for the camp, arranging all logistics, searching for sponsors and taking care of promoting the event. Each and everyone is welcome to join this enthusiastic group.We would like to say THANK YOU on behalf of the kids!

For more information please contact Damian Szczesny

Damian Szczesny
Project Manager EWC 2019

Contact Damian, learn more first-hand information about English Camp! 🙂

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Remember – we are a non-profit organization created by volunteers involved in helping children. By sponsoring the ESC / EWC, you support the development of children. You help us shape the future of the youngest and help you to develop your language skills.

You also help our volunteers, because as an association strongly involved in project management, we promote project thinking among people involved in organizing camps. Among other things, professional trainers and project management practitioners share their experience with volunteers during dedicated training sessions and workshops. They help with knowledge, experience and work experience, and the volunteers’ skills in planning, time management and teamwork are immensely important during their future career.

In conclusion – we are open and we encourage you to help in a wide range, not just financial. Each helps bring another portion of joy to the children and makes the volunteers help them learn a professional approach to project management, giving them a sense of well spent time and win-win status for each of the parties. :)[/bsf-info-box]

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Free training for volunteers

Free training and project management workshops for people involved in the organization of the English Camp

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