English Camp - five harmonious teams!


When we have shining program and people who are in a rush to work, is good to be heard. This is the aim of our Communication Team – their role is to shout loud enough for being heard far away. Add to this plenty of colours and refined taste and we get website and Facebook profile – our vision unleashed for the world 🙂


Whole idea of Camp based on volunteers and passionate people, but their involvement is not enough to pay our bills. Luckily we are supported by Fundraising Team, who spread our idea to sponsors. They guarantee cooperation with people and companies who are able to help us achieved our goals! 🙂


Our Program Team give us the right direction – they work on schedule of all activities during the Camp and look for a crew. Thanks to them, children won’t be bored for even a minute! 🙂


Our expert of paperwork. There is no agreement, proposal or any other document too difficult for them. Each time they sign something, we all celebrate – it means another partner or sponsor with us! 🙂


Special Team for special purposes! They organize events to collect money for English Camp. The most popular one – Charity Soccer Tournament – gives people a lot of fun. And, of course, supports Camp!

Kasia Sempołowicz-Lipska

Project Manager of English Summer Camp 2018 

Project Manager of the English Summer Camp 2018. Member of the Fundraising team. Supports the English Camp project since 2012. He loves to act and influence the world around her. In people she values openness, cooperation and sense of humor. Professionally engaged in the Public Relations sector. In her free time she loves riding a bike and working on self development, especially in the area of communication.


Communication and Marketing Team

Damian Szczesny

Product Owner of Communication & Marketing Team

PMI volunteer since the beginning of 2018, involved in organization of English Camp for a second time. Pharmacist from education, professionally related to Medical University of Gdansk. At work and beyond is looking for new challenges and experiences. Running and walking in his free time.

Justyna Fiałkowska

Communication & Marketing Team Member

Active volunteer of PMI since December 2017. She is studying IT at Gdansk University of Technology. Project Manager Intern at Intel. Involved in English Winter Camp 2018 and, as a PO, in 2018 edition of NTPM conference.

Interactions with other people, helping and good food give her a lot of positive energy 🙂

Maksymilian Operlejn

Communication & Marketing Team Member

Student of Data Enginering at Gdansk University of Technology. Involved in preparation of ESC for last couple of months. Privately, passionate of travel (especially hich-hiking), books, soccer and other activities, for which most likely has no time 😉 He appreciates self-development and intercultural exchange of experiences.

Ala Maciołowska

Communication & Marketing Team Member

Joined PMI in April 2017. She loves to participate volunteers’ projects. In her free time like biking and watching movies.

Mirosław Dąbrowski


PMI volunteer supporting association in IT, among others. In English Camp team provoke helter-skelter and chaos  :) by development of new tabs on our website. He loves changes and constant, unrestrained progress.  In PMI, with harmonious team leading “Strefa PMI”  ( quarterly magazine. Promotes good practices of management by free, interactive mind maps ( Professionally he is an  Agile Coach/Scrum Master and IT Trainer with 10 years of experience.


Program Team

Kinga Buczkowska

Product Owner of Program team

Kinga, the leader of the Program Team, a beginning programmist with a great passion for languages. Lover of children, travels and sunsets.


Ewa Kusio

Program Team Member

PMI volunteer since November 2017. Program Team member. Profesionally dealing with movement engineering and operational management. Setting a goals in her life, what motivate her to act. Likes to spend her free time actively, with honest and friendly people.

Patryk Osuch

Program Team Member

Profesionally, Project Manager involved in Business Development in company of Automotive field.

Privately, very positive and chalenge-liking passionate of sailing and snowboard. In PMI since April 2018. Joined team due to his interest in projects, willing of expand knowledge and skills in this area, and because this is a great opportunity to meet great people with big experience. He likes experiments, not excluding food.  Changes enthusiast, often convince to this other people. Likes improves and implements new processes in order to perfect common idea.

Ewa Orłowska

Program Team Member

Master of Pharmacy. Cooperation with PMI started in April 2018. English Summer Camp is a first project, in which she is involved. Likes gathering new experiences. Big fan of volleyball and good reportages.



Fundraising Team

Mateusz Reszka

Product Owner of Fundraising Team

Supports English Camp since 2015, mostly in area of Program and Fundraising. Engineer of management and for past few years programmer. Privately a bass player.


Katarzyna Sempołowicz-Lipska

Fundraising Team Member

Project Manager of English Summer Camp 2018. Additionaly, she supports our team in collecting funds for camp organization 🙂




Events Team

Judyta Brauer

Product Owner of Events Team

PMI volunteer since January 2017. Project Manager of this year edition of NTPM conference and English Winter Camp 2018.

Professionally, works in accountancy department at Bayer. She likes running and spending time with other people.

In Events Teams she manages events that might help in collecting funds for this edition of Summer Camp. the biggest project of this team is charity soccer tournament for Tri-City companies.

Karolina Pełka

Product Owner of Formalities Team

From 04.2016, PMI volunteer. Project Manager ESC 2017, also coordinated the Marketing Team of NTPM 2018. In love with latino dances: bachata, salsa and travel.


Formalities Team