Our Team

English Winter Camp is a project developed by a team of seriously involved volunteers! Meet them!

Damian Szczesny

Project Manager of English Winter Camp 2019

PMI volunteer since the begining of 2018. Get involved in this Association thanks to English Winter Camp. Now, with great pleasure, leads preparation to the next edition of this wonderful event!

Katarzyna Mikołajewska

“Cat’s meow”, as she was once called, likes to be simultaneously involved in many projects. Multipassionate. With PMI since December 2018. Creative mind, experienced in working with kids, teaching and organizing various events. Likes honest, easy-going people and out-of-the-box solutions. Tango dancer in her free time, photographer and traveller who cannot sit still for too long, so is always looking for new acitivities.

Arkadiusz Miętus

Laid back and open minded chemist with alot of hobbies and interests. Arek neither beer crafting nor data base making. He is focused on projec management, organic chemistry and spending free time learning new languages. Currently he works for PwC -Financial Crime Unit where he supports global financial corporation on KYC operations.

Ewa Orłowska

Master of Pharmacy. Cooperation with PMI started in April 2018. English Summer Camp was a first project, in which she was involved. Likes gathering new experiences. Big fan of volleyball and good reportages.

Ala Maciołowska

Joined PMI in April 2017. She loves to participate volunteers’ projects. In her free time like biking and watching movies.

Mirosław Dąbrowski

PMI volunteer supporting association in IT, among others. In English Camp team provoke helter-skelter and chaos   by development of new tabs on our website. He loves changes and constant, unrestrained progress.  In PMI, with harmonious team leading “Strefa PMI” (www.strefapmi.pl) quarterly magazine. Promotes good practices of management by free, interactive mind maps (www.miroslawdabrowski.com). Professionally he is an  Agile Coach/Scrum Master and IT Trainer with 10 years of experience.