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English Summer Camp 2018 – let’s start!

First day of English Summer Camp 2018

It happened! We are after the first day of camp attractions, and there were plenty of them! 23.07.18 at 12:00, the kids along with the counsellors arrived at the campsite. As last year, children will spend English Summer Camp in Zielona Szarlota. This pension, located in the neighbourhood of the lake Osuszyno, will be an ideal place for the a two-week adventure, which we are ahead. Apart from outstanding language instructors and camp tutors, also PMI representatives visited the camp in the squad: Kasia Sempołowicz-Lipska, Ewa Orłowska and Damian Szczesny. Obviously, we could not forget about the most important personalities taking part in the camp- children, which in numerous, thirty-person group will spend this wonderful time with us 🙂
After the arrival and the initial organization, the time for one of the favourite activities of every human came, because whole camp went to the dinner 🙂 Then, with full stomachs and widesmiles we started getting know each other. It is truly amazing, how many interesting information you can get from other people in about a dozen minutes!

In a healthy body, healthy mind

When participants got to know each other better, a time for the team games came, after all, sport is the main theme of the camp 🙂 The range of the possibilities was huge, children played football, basketball, volleyball and many more. The attraction of the day – to the great enthusiasm of kids – was still before us!
Around 19:00 the whole camp set off on the hare and hounds organised for us by the Survival Adventure Squad. Children had to struggle with many riddles and challenges, and had to find the destination following instuctions hidden in forest. I think that moods accompanying the journey are perfectly depicted in the photo gallery showed below. We have enjoyed it a lot!
Admittedly this day passed very quickly and before we realized, the sun came over the horizon. This day was certainly unique not only by children, also counsellors had great fun and integrated with young pupils . In the mood of the well spent day, we went for the truly deserved rest, full of enthusiasm and with hope, that remaining days will be equally fruitful.


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