Honorary patronages of English Summer Camp 2018

Have you ever wondered who the honorary patrons of ESC 2018 are?

Well, English Summer Camp 2018 is proud to be covered by many patrons of the local authorities. We are grateful that so many great people are kind to us!

The honorary patron of the current edition of the Camp is Mr. Grzegorz Piechowski, the Mayor of the Kościerzyna community. It is in Szarlota near Kościerzyna that our pupils will spend the next two weeks. Once again, thank you for letting our children stay in an ideal holiday home near Lake Osuszyno. Undoubtedly, a volleyball court, basket for playing basketball or a designated square for bonfire will make time even to the biggest troublemakers! 🙂

What’s more – we are pleased to inform you that honorary patrons are also Presidents of the City of Gdańsk and City of SopotMr. Paweł Adamowicz and Mr. Jacek Karnowski! It is here, in the Tri-City, that the idea of ​​organizing a colony for children was born. We combine play with science. Support for our activities means a lot to us and adds a lot of energy to action!

Also, the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship, Mr. Mieczysław Struk and the Governor of Pomerania, Mr. Dariusz Drelich, support our camp! Thank you for supporting the initiative by the highest authorities of our beautiful province!

Honorary patrons – Thank you!

All of the above and each one separately. On our part, we will do our best to make our language camp better and better from year to year. We hope for fruitful cooperation also in next editions! Who knows, maybe thanks to you, we will be able to encourage more cities to become the patron of both English Summer Camp and English Winter Camp! During the course of 14 years of uninterrupted activity, over 2,000 children from Pomeranian Foster Families and Children’s Homes used the English Camp camps. We are glad that we have found patrons, and thus we can confidently say – partners who like us like to help.

Over the next days, we will reveal the other patrons and sponsors of the camp. If, however, you are already interested – we invite you to the Facebook profile! It’s a great way to keep track of camp life! Helping is cool! 🙂


English Summer Camp 2018 – let’s start!

First day of English Summer Camp 2018

It happened! We are after the first day of camp attractions, and there were plenty of them! 23.07.18 at 12:00, the kids along with the counsellors arrived at the campsite. As last year, children will spend English Summer Camp in Zielona Szarlota. This pension, located in the neighbourhood of the lake Osuszyno, will be an ideal place for the a two-week adventure, which we are ahead. Apart from outstanding language instructors and camp tutors, also PMI representatives visited the camp in the squad: Kasia Sempołowicz-Lipska, Ewa Orłowska and Damian Szczesny. Obviously, we could not forget about the most important personalities taking part in the camp- children, which in numerous, thirty-person group will spend this wonderful time with us 🙂
After the arrival and the initial organization, the time for one of the favourite activities of every human came, because whole camp went to the dinner 🙂 Then, with full stomachs and widesmiles we started getting know each other. It is truly amazing, how many interesting information you can get from other people in about a dozen minutes!

In a healthy body, healthy mind

When participants got to know each other better, a time for the team games came, after all, sport is the main theme of the camp 🙂 The range of the possibilities was huge, children played football, basketball, volleyball and many more. The attraction of the day – to the great enthusiasm of kids – was still before us!
Around 19:00 the whole camp set off on the hare and hounds organised for us by the Survival Adventure Squad. Children had to struggle with many riddles and challenges, and had to find the destination following instuctions hidden in forest. I think that moods accompanying the journey are perfectly depicted in the photo gallery showed below. We have enjoyed it a lot!
Admittedly this day passed very quickly and before we realized, the sun came over the horizon. This day was certainly unique not only by children, also counsellors had great fun and integrated with young pupils . In the mood of the well spent day, we went for the truly deserved rest, full of enthusiasm and with hope, that remaining days will be equally fruitful.


English Summer CampEnglish Summer CampEnglish Summer Camp English Summer Camp English Summer CampEnglish Summer Camp

Third Charity Football Tournament for ESC 2018

Despite the hot days, volunteers of the Gdańsk department of PMI are not dilly-dalling! Sending emails to all parts of the world, writing posts, meetings, talks. . . In all this we do not forget to collect funds to organize the ESC. The latter was directed by the “Events” team, led by Judyta and supported by Bayer, who organized the Third Charity Football Tournament!

Tournament – representations

The match took place on Friday, June 8th. Representatives of companies stood opposite each other: Ensono, Lufthansa, Staples, State Street and thyssenkrupp. After a fierce competition, players from Staples won! Congratulations to the winners, but also to all the other teams! However, the match was not the only attraction of the day. A lottery, a barbecue, artistic performances – all this took place on the pitch right next to the football struggles. The weather was favorable for us, so everyone left the pitch with a smile.


The whole tournament would not have been possible without our partners: the DANOS music band and the LOBSTER restaurant.

Next year’s match – who knows, maybe with an extended line-up?

English Summer Camp 2018 – preparations for summer edition in progress!

English Summer Camp

Since the middle of April our brave volunteers ar einvolved in preparations to next, fifteenth edition of English Summer Camp! Divided into five teams, they are doing everything to make safe, eventful, but first of all – fruitful stay for children in our Camp. This year our children will be hosted again in “Zielona Szarlota” resort in Szarlota near Kościerzyna. All of this is supervised by Kasia – Project Manager of this edition.

English Summer Camp – MAIN THEME

What is the main theme of this edition? What is the best outdoor? SPORT! We believe that activities leaded by our volunteers and sport proffesionals will give our children the shot of positive energy. The second aim is to energize young brains to intense work with collective project and to learn english!

As you can see, there is a lot of work for us, but anyway we counting time to ESC happily. Countdown will finish 23th of July – then we will say, that it’s time to start English Summer Camp 2018!

English Summer Camp 2018

We are preparing to English Winter Camp 2018!

English Winter Camp – let’s go!

At the end of December 2017 preparations to English Winter Camp 2018 were started! This time our Camp will be a bit different – semicolonies instaed of typical camp.

The theme of incoming edition will be SCIENCE. Children will have opportunity to spend their winter holidays in such a interesting way – they are going to visit interesting places, perform scientific  experiments and attend in fascinating workshops organized by our friends.

Of course, during the whole Camp our proteges will learn about project management and take english classes!

When our event take place? At the beginning of February – between 1st and 9th February 2018. Team of our volunteers since some time is working with programme for these 9 days!

Even we can not wait for this! More info at English Winter Camp fanpage at Facebook.

English Summer Camp 2016 – Let’s start the Project
English Summer Camp 2016 – Let’s start the Project

English Summer Camp 2016 – Let’s start the Project!

This is the 20th edition of the project English Camp. This time from 20th – 31st of July children will spend a wonderful holiday in Żelistrzewo near Puck.

Join the team and take part in the project 

More information: Project Manager at ESC 2016:

Gdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości STARTER
Gdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości STARTER

Today is the last day of our camp.

Today kids will back home but before that they will present their projects on the Closing Ceremony 

We organized this event in coopration with our partner Gdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości STARTER 

ESC 2017 Closing ceremony
ESC 2017 Closing ceremony

DANCE! This is the theme of our camp.

Thanks to SoSalsa – Solidarity of Salsa we were pleased to meet professional instructors, dancers, who helped children in the preparation of the project, which kids will be presenting tomorrow at the Closing Ceremony!

Fell invited! 

More companies support the ESC 2017!
More companies support the ESC 2017!

After more than four months of preparation, the moment has come for the English Summer Camp 2017 camp to begin tomorrow.

The volunteer team bravely worked to have 35 children from orphanages, foster families and families who needed support could start their long-awaited holiday tomorrow.

However, all this would not be possible without the support of the companies that have decided to support our project. Meet other Sponsors ESC 2017!

Thank You! 🙂

Move, feel, explore… just dance! The world is yours!
Move, feel, explore… just dance! The world is yours!

Hello! We hope you are all well and that you are ready for another week 

English Summer Camp 2017 is approaching with great strides, so it’s time to introduce to you our theme – dance! 

Our motto this year is the slogan: move, feel, experience … just dance! The world is yours!