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Become English Camp volunteer! 😉

Volunteers from various companies and organizations supporting the activities of the Gdansk Branch of the Project Management Institute are involved in the initiative. The success of the project depends primarily on the financial and material support of individuals, foundations and socially responsible companies.

We are looking for Volunteers who would like to become a leader or a member of a team in one of 5 areas:

  • Communication and Marketing (including web and fanpage updates, media collaboration, article writing)
  • Fundraising (including fundraising and co-sponsorships)
  • Formalities (eg preparation of the application to the board, preparation of contracts and completion of the documentation)
  • Program (including development of a children’s program including project
  • Events

English Camp teams


Katarzyna Sempołowicz-Lipska
Project Manager ESC 2018

If you are interested in our venture, there is nothing to wait for! Contact Kasia, learn first-hand informations about English Camp! 🙂

What do you gain? 🙂

For all the volunteers involved in the project, it is an opportunity not only to develop their skills in project management, leadreship or coping with difficult situations, organize events, collaborate with companies, organizations, media and networking with many amazing people who like to share their knowledge and experience helping others. Most engaged volunteers have the opportunity to participate in various trainings, among others: PMP or CAPM preparation. Welcome!

If you want to join our crew and learn, how to manage projects you can choose one of our Teams 🙂


Free training for volunteers!

Join us and learn how to manage your projects! 🙂

Free courses and project management workshops for English Camp volunteers.

Meet our teams! 🙂


Communication & Marketing Team

  • Manages & Updates Camp website, Facebook fanpage, The Hub page, PMI website
  • Prepares materials (posters, newsletters, presentations, brochures)
  • Makes promotion in media, co-operates with media
  • Writes articles
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Finds patronages
  • Prepares Thank you letters, certificates
  • Organizes post-Camp meeting
  • Organizes events for volunteers – integration parties, workshops and courses
  • Sends invitations to volunteers, sponsors and partners

Fundraising Team

  • Finds sponsors & partners
  • Prepares sponsor offer
  • Co-operates with sponsors & partners
  • Gives updates based on the agreement/signed contract
  • Organizes promoting events for sponsors
  • Finds other ways of collecting money (charity events, competitions, etc.)

Formalities Team

  • Collects all necessary documents
  • Permission from Polish Educational Board
  • Contracts with camp teachers and guardians
  • Permission from fire department
  • Contract with transport company and camp accommodation provider
  • Insurance
  • Collects children’s documents
  • And everything else needed by polish law.

Program Team

  • Creates Program for the children during the camp
  • Finds interesting people for workshops
  • Buys needed materials
  • Makes sure that workshops that are planned will be delivered and everything is prepared in advance
  • Organizes ‘Project’ for children at the camp & PM workshops – each camp has a project theme

Events Team

  • Organizes charity events
  • Organizes post camp meeting
  • Organizes events for volunteers – integration meetings, courses, workshops
  • Sends invites for volunteers, sponsor, partner, children events