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Partners of ESC 2018

Companies support for ESC2018!!

It is high time to introduce you our partners and sponsors from companies. Thanks to their support children can take part in a lot of activities during their two-week stay at English Summer Camp 2018. We would like to thank our friends for their support and we hope that we will organize together oncoming editions 🙂


So let us give you a brief presentation of our sponsors:

 BIC company is the world leader in stationery that every young and old has known since school. Their pens were used probably during all English Camp editions.

Our next partner, Staples Solutions is a producer of office supplies. It is the leading provider of workplace products, services and solutions to small, mid-sized, and large businesses in Europe.

Art classes are one on the main program points of all English Camps and would not be possible without the support of St. Majewski, as it is the biggest producer and distributor of school supplies in the Polish market.

The English Camp is not only fun, artistic or creative activities. We would also like to teach children the responsibility for our environment. In this case we can rely on our long-time partner, AURAEKO. It is the organization supporting recycling of electronic and electrical equipment. With their support we can teach children what to do if their electronic equipment will broke down.

The characteristic points of the English Summer Camps are outdoor activities. Our main goal is to do our best to take care of children. Especially according to this year’s sunny weather, we have to protect them from sunburn. It is possible with the support of Bielenda company, producer of natural cosmetics for face and body, which provided sunscreens for children.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and partners!! With your help we can bring smiles on children’s faces!!!

What’s next?

If you are wondering how children are spending their time in Zielona Szarlota? What workshops they attended? Visit our webpage where we will soon show you how they spent their first few days of ESC2018. To learn more about current news visit our facebook profile.

Honorary patronages of English Summer Camp 2018

Have you ever wondered who the honorary patrons of ESC 2018 are?

Well, English Summer Camp 2018 is proud to be covered by many patrons of the local authorities. We are grateful that so many great people are kind to us!

The honorary patron of the current edition of the Camp is Mr. Grzegorz Piechowski, the Mayor of the Kościerzyna community. It is in Szarlota near Kościerzyna that our pupils will spend the next two weeks. Once again, thank you for letting our children stay in an ideal holiday home near Lake Osuszyno. Undoubtedly, a volleyball court, basket for playing basketball or a designated square for bonfire will make time even to the biggest troublemakers! 🙂

What’s more – we are pleased to inform you that honorary patrons are also Presidents of the City of Gdańsk and City of SopotMr. Paweł Adamowicz and Mr. Jacek Karnowski! It is here, in the Tri-City, that the idea of ​​organizing a colony for children was born. We combine play with science. Support for our activities means a lot to us and adds a lot of energy to action!

Also, the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship, Mr. Mieczysław Struk and the Governor of Pomerania, Mr. Dariusz Drelich, support our camp! Thank you for supporting the initiative by the highest authorities of our beautiful province!

Honorary patrons – Thank you!

All of the above and each one separately. On our part, we will do our best to make our language camp better and better from year to year. We hope for fruitful cooperation also in next editions! Who knows, maybe thanks to you, we will be able to encourage more cities to become the patron of both English Summer Camp and English Winter Camp! During the course of 14 years of uninterrupted activity, over 2,000 children from Pomeranian Foster Families and Children’s Homes used the English Camp camps. We are glad that we have found patrons, and thus we can confidently say – partners who like us like to help.

Over the next days, we will reveal the other patrons and sponsors of the camp. If, however, you are already interested – we invite you to the Facebook profile! It’s a great way to keep track of camp life! Helping is cool! 🙂


Portal is a media patronage of ESC 2017
Portal is a media patronage of ESC 2017

We would like to inform that the portal is our media patronage.

Thank you for being with us once again! 🙂 is the place of discussion and development of Polish project managers. This is the largest online community of project managers in Poland.

Please read:

Governor of the Pomeranian Province Honorary Patron
Governor of the Pomeranian Province Honorary Patron

ESC 2016 was honorary patronage of Mr. Dariusz Drelich, Pomeranian Governor.

Thank you!

Councilman of Puck Honorary Patron
Councilman of Puck Honorary Patron

This year’s edition of English Summer Camp 2016 will be held in Żelistrzewo near Puck.

Puck Town Councilman Mr. Tadeusz Puszkarczuk took over our project with honorary patronage.

Thank You!

Gdańsk Mayor Paweł Adamowicz Honorary Patron
Gdańsk Mayor Paweł Adamowicz Honorary Patron

We are pleased to inform you that the President of Gdańsk Mr. Paweł Adamowicz took over his patronage of the English Summer Camp 2016.

Thank you!


First partners and sponsors of ESC 2016
First partners and sponsors of ESC 2016

The first results of the work of our English Summer Camp 2016 Volunteers are visible in our contacts. Thanks to the commitment, dialogue and above all mutual desire we can boast of cooperation already with several companies.

  • Sati – the coffee maker became our partner,
  • Auraeko – Organization of Recovery of Electrical and Electronic Equipment,
  • HK Finance – a provider of accounting, HR and payroll services and financial advisory services,
  • Sopot International Rotary Club, which supports and reinforces the ideal of service
  • and Studio Gambit Sp. z o.o., which provides specialized translations and technical services necessary to create local software versions – have become our sponsors.

We sincerely thank you and encourage you to cooperate further.

Gdynia Mayor Honorary Patron of ESC 2016
Gdynia Mayor Honorary Patron of ESC 2016

We are pleased to announce that once again the Mayor of Gdynia, Mr. Wojciech Szczurek, took the honorary patronage of the English Summer Camp 2016.

Thank you!

Successive companies support EWC 2016!
Successive companies support EWC 2016!

Other companies support English Winter Camp 2016! Thomson Reuters and Mets partnered with EWC 2016.

The media patron of the initiative was the portal.

Thank you!

New Honorary Patrons of EWC 2016!

Other famous institutions and media support English Winter Camp 2016!

Our honorary patrons were:

  • the Mayor of the City of Sopot Jacek Karnowski
  • the Mayor of Gdynia Wojciech Szczurek

While the portal Gdańsk and Radio Gdańsk became our media patrons!

Thanks for your support!