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Closing Ceremony of ESC 2018

Everything that is good ends sometime… So, unfortunately, the English Summer Camp 2018 officially came to an end! The official ceremony was the only proper culmination of two weeks full of fun combined with learning!

Volunteers were busy from the Sunday morning and prepared everything necessary to celebrate the last day of the camp! Although the sun did not give a moment’s respite during the two weeks of Camp, that day the sky showed sorrow and sadness at the end of the adventure. However, it did not spoil our plans – we are not from sugar (although the camp team consists only of the sweetest children!) 🙂

Ceremony – start time!

The theme of the camp was SPORT! Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that the main task was to take part in a competition! The event took place in Ogniwo Sopot, thanks to the kindness of the rugby team from Ekstraliga. We started from the rugby tournament, then we were facing obstacles run and the relay race! As it was a professional competition, there was also entertainment during breaks. Our great Black Tigers were the highlight! 🙂 We could not have better cheerleaders! After the game, it was the turn for thanks, diplomas and … food! A delicious grill is what perfectly filled the bellies of the players after intense competition.

Thank you for being with us, thank you for doing something good for this thirty children together. There will be time for further thanks, now we would like to express our appreciation to  Kasia Sempołowicz-Lipska, PM of the camp. Thanks to her huge work and dedication, we managed to organize this amazing event!

In the meantime … We encourage you to follow our facebook profile! There you will find more photos from the ceremony and videos. We still have several surprises for English Camp friends 🙂

Another English Summer Camp in a year! Stay tuned! 🙂


ESC 2017 Closing ceremony
ESC 2017 Closing ceremony

DANCE! This is the theme of our camp.

Thanks to SoSalsa – Solidarity of Salsa we were pleased to meet professional instructors, dancers, who helped children in the preparation of the project, which kids will be presenting tomorrow at the Closing Ceremony!

Fell invited! 

The closing ceremony of ESC 2016! The camp officially ended :)
The closing ceremony of ESC 2016! The camp officially ended :)

Sometimes we do not believe it ourselves, but on Sunday afternoon sun we officially finalized ESC 2016! 🙂

In spite of the hot atmosphere on the road – the holiday season is full of hidden – the kids arrived at the closing ceremony almost in time 🙂 The most important guest always has to wait!
At the ceremony our students presented their design works – calendars, language proficiency, and we were able to admire their talents, acting and music.

There was a lot of laughter and fun.

Who was not with us that day has something to regret.

Thank you to sponsors, partners, volunteers! Thanks again you succeeded! 🙂

EWC 2016 closing ceremony!
EWC 2016 closing ceremony!

Dear Friends of English Camp! We would like to invite you to the closing ceremony of the English Winter Camp 2016. The ceremony will take place on February 24, 2016 at 16:00 at the Beach Theater at al. Mummy 2 in Sopot. During the ceremony participants will present unique costumes from one selected theme according to the motto of this year’s camp “I have not been everywhere, but it is on my lits”.

See you later!

ESC 2015 Closing Ceremony
ESC 2015 Closing Ceremony
On Sunday, August 23 in Elementary School No. 76 In Gdansk camp participants and invited guests met at the closing ceremony of the English Summer Camp 2015.


EWC 2015 Closing Ceremony
EWC 2015 Closing Ceremony

On February 12 at the Beach Theater, the 2012 Winter Camp Closing Ceremony was held. See what our kids have done 🙂

The ceremony was prepared in cooperation with the Sopot Beach Theater, which provided us with a scene. We are very grateful for the support and commitment 🙂 Thanks to Szymon Jachimek, who accepted our invitation and led Ceremony 🙂 The photos were taken by Artur Łopatniuk, who always supports our initiative 🙂


Song “Let it Go” z from Disney “Frozen”

collage 1

“Romeo and Julie” based on movie “Romeo and Julia” by Baz Luhrmann

collage 2

“Romeo and Julie” based on movie “Romeo and Julia” by Baz Luhrmann

English Winter Camp 2014 is finished
English Winter Camp 2014 is finished

Fifth edition of English Winter Camp already finished.

We present you the video-relation prepared by Twoja Telewizja Morska from Friday, 31st January 2014 from the Closing Ceremony and the Fashion Show. Thank you all, who made it to come and support our children that day.

ESC 2013 Camp ending

Everything which is good, is ending quickly. On Monday, August 19, there was an official closing ceremony of English Summer Camp 2013.

On that solemn day our children had the opportunity to present their own projects – blog posts that were the result of the two – weeks work during the camp! We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the content on our blog here.

Children also received awards for good performance in the English lessons, for good behavior and for their commitment. No one could leave empty-handed, so the children received awards for their work and for their involvement in all activities. The main prize for 12 children will be educational trip to Warsaw at the beginning of October.

Thanks were also passed to the organizers and to the people and institutions involved in the organization of the camp. We will miss the camp participants of ESC 2013. We hope that participation in the camp motivated children to learn English, helped them to discover new passions and above all, was a time of fun.