Month: January 2018

We are preparing to English Winter Camp 2018!

English Winter Camp – let’s go!

At the end of December 2017 preparations to English Winter Camp 2018 were started! This time our Camp will be a bit different – semicolonies instaed of typical camp.

The theme of incoming edition will be SCIENCE. Children will have opportunity to spend their winter holidays in such a interesting way – they are going to visit interesting places, perform scientific  experiments and attend in fascinating workshops organized by our friends.

Of course, during the whole Camp our proteges will learn about project management and take english classes!

When our event take place? At the beginning of February – between 1st and 9th February 2018. Team of our volunteers since some time is working with programme for these 9 days!

Even we can not wait for this! More info at English Winter Camp fanpage at Facebook.