Marathon Zumba & Cross Fit Marathon

Marathon Zumba & Cross Fit Marathon

Saturday 30th of January 2016r. from 16:00 to 19:00
Fitness Club Calypso, al. Niepodległości 697-701, 81-853 Sopot

Great instructors, great music and fun!

We would like to invite all those who are not afraid to meet the challenges of 2016 to join the Zumba & Crossfit Charity Marathon and would like to support the organization of the next edition of the English Winter Camp in 2016.

Marathon zumba is an unforgettable 3 hours of great fun in Latin American rhythms.

Cross-match marathon is a 2-hour training session, where you face the limits of your abilities.

After the exhausting struggle will be waiting for you delicious and healthy delicacies prepared specially for you by our volunteers! Snacks will be available for a nominal amount.

Entry to the marathon is to add a brick to our project in the amount of 30 zł.

How to get involved – There are 2 possibilities:

The printed or printed bricks must be carried with you on the day of the event and will be necessary to verify your participation.

For more information:

tel.: 660 898 084

Dochód z całej imprezy zostanie przekazany na organizację obozu English Winter Camp 2016.

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