Events in English Winter Camp 2016! What was happening in the project?

Spooktacular Halloween Bake Sale

In the last week of October Thomson Reuters took place the first fundraiser for our initiative.

On this day, we were able to taste the delicious snacks, cakes and desserts prepared by our volunteers in the atmosphere of Halloween. Everything was split in a blink of an eye. Thank you Thomson Reuters for your support! As always we could count on you. All collected funds will be donated to the organization of the English Winter Camp 2016.

Workshops for volunteers

The next week, 7th of November, a workshop dedicated to volunteers from the fundraising team took place. During the training participants learned how to establish relationships with sponsors and how to effectively raise funds for our initiative. The workshop was led by Wojtek Tyborowski from the Fundraising Department of the Gdańsk branch of PMI. Thanks Wojtek!

The last event that has taken place in recent weeks has been a graphic design and graphic design workshop, organized for the Communication Team. The training was led by Joanna Karczewsk from the Creative Department of the Gdańsk branch of PMI. Great experience, thank you!