Workshop on Project Management

On Tuesday, August 11th participants of English Summer Camp 2015 started work on the project of building a sports and recreation center from LEGO blocks.

At the beginning of the workshop a discussion on project management took place. Ada Grzenkowicz, our volunteer, introduced children into the world of the most important concepts and explained what the project is and what stages it divides.

Within the short competition, 5 project teams will be appointed. After explaining the task and setting the roles and competencies children started planning. At the end of the day, all groups presented their plans to the steering committee. Each group scanned their dream sports and recreation centers, shared tasks, and received the LEGO bricks needed to complete the task. On Sunday, August 23, the steering committee composed of Ada Grzenkowicz and Milena Henszke came to check on progress and discussed the steps.

The visit was very fruitful because it turned out that all the groups were doing well and would definitely finish their projects on time.

Almost the following Sunday the official presentation of the children’s projects will take place at the closing ceremony of the ESC 2015, which we cordially invite.