TriCity bands rock in Ucho Club for English Camp Charity project

First English Camp Concert Let’s Rock 4 Charity, held  in Ucho Club on January 16, gathered around 200 guests, who enjoyed music from TriCity bands. It was the biggest fundraising event of English Winter Camp 2015! Performers played their own songs as well as hits of famous singers, such as Evanescence, Polish Kult , Lady Pank and others. Fans of different music styles had an opportunity to spend a nice evening with English Camp.

First Islet with her band sang some lyrical songs to welcome everybody. Elek3city played some energetic and funky sounds and G.A.S.P. sang the greatest hits of polish rock . Our youngest fans and volunteers were so impressed with a music that they started dancing in the center and soon some other guests joined them.

Meanwhile volunteers offered everybody special homemade dishes as well as English Camp souvenirs: mugs, t-shirts, notebooks and CDs. Between each band volunteers from Fundraising Team told some details about your project and PMI. During the concert an auction held and every art fan had a possibility to bit an nice item.

After that Shadow Archetype presented a mix of soft and heavy sounds. To conclude performance Watermelon Crash played some calm covers. Ucho Club was rocking and singing till about midnight.

We would like to thank everyone who was engaged in this event, especially to volunteers, bands and Ucho Club. We are very grateful that thanks to you we had the possibility to organize Let’s Rock 4 Charity concert.

Thank you to all sponsors, partners and media for supporting and promoting us. And off course we would like to thank all guests for coming to Ucho Club. We hope that all of you spent a nice evening full of music 🙂