EWC 2015 Media Patronages!

It is our pleasure to introduce our first media patronages. Thank you for your supporting us and promote our initiative. We invite you to visit their websites, on which you can find many interesting information, also about our project. 🙂

Strefa PMa is a facebook page created for those who are interesting in project management. Their main goal is to promote project management and motivate to increase experience and developing in  project management.


4pm.pl is an information portal dedicated to project management. The main goal of this website is to share news about event connected with project management and providing a reliable and competent sources of knowledge about project management.


miastodzieci.pl is an information website dedicated to parents. Their main goal is to help busy parents in raising happy and great kids. On this website everyone can find information about events for kids and ways how to organize kid’s free time and make it well spent.