Let’s Rock 4 Charity! – Bands

It’s time to introduce bands, which will play on our concert Let’s Rock 4 Charity.

Islet with band

Islet – (Izabela Laskowska) artist from the beginning of her career related with Trojmiasto. Appeared on TVP 3 Gdanska as a child. Singer with a characteristic velvet voice. Composer and songwriter in love with acoustic and modern electronic sounds.

Grzegorz Kusio – musician, arranger. Started his musical adventure when he was 4. Specialist in playing on accordion and electronic keyboards. Studied at Slask University in Katowice on Department of Artistic Education. Fascinated in swing and blues, but plays also French songs, punk rock and many other music types.

Wojciech Wesołowski – guitarist, composer and arranger. As an 8 years old child he began playing piano. Studied at Music Academy in Gdansk on the Instrumental Department. Received a platinum disc for the implementation of choral recordings. Close to improvised and impressionistic music.





Spring 2013. A group of musicians met accidentally and become a band. Acoustic guitars provide the background for a remarkable vocals. Uncommon arrangements of well-known hits are complemented by the author’s works.

Pamela Kisiel – singer
Agnieszka Szypuła – percussion
Michał Aksonowicz – guitar
Piotr Wojtera – guitar




Most members met in the end of 2009. At the beginning they played mainly covers of well-known polish rock hits, preparing at the same time authorial material. When they developed their own sounds, become more popular at various stages – from small clubs to large open air concerts – they decided to start a new chapter called G.A.S.P.

Now G.A.S.P. plays in the whole country. Authorial material is contracted with My Music Records.

Piotr Szwer Szwertfeger
Jarek Fiury Kudłaty
Przemek Koska
Piotr Kitek Kapczyński





elek3city is a team of five very energetic and spontanious people, who because of love to groove and modern sounds decided to run a music project. Combination of harmony, dynamic and interesting beats makes that elek3city sounds like a band from space. Soul and funk compositions mixed with futuristic riffs causes only great mood.

Danjah Ujazdowska – singer
Sebastian Ślusarczyk – keybord
Michał “Shu” Szumiejko – bass guitar
Sławek Dumański – percussion
Marcin Borowski – electric guitar



Shadow Archetype

Although the band Shadow Archetype was founded in 2010, the current composition plays since 2014. They differ in age, they work in different places and finished different schools, but there is one thing that brings them together: it is music. Because of different music taste and intrests, their music is diverse. Their sounds are a combination of heavy beats and soft melody. They are inspired by Opeth, Tool, Epica and Dream Theater.

Zuzanna Cichocka – singer
Dominik “Shargaroth” Szumny – electric guitar and growl
Michał “Broniev” Broniewicz – electric guitar
Paweł Litwinienko – bass guitar
Bartosz Zawodniak – percussion
Agnieszka Swarra – violin


Shadow Archetype