On Tuesday, August 12, through collaboration with Jeppesen Poland and “Sopocki Klub Kendo” the children from the English Summer Camp had the opportunity to see and try their hand at Japanese Kendo swordsmanship.

During 2 hour classes preceded by the show, children put up brave face ahead the presented tasks by the instructors. Children were divided into two groups. The younger group played the role of small young samurais, where they gained knowledge about the techniques used by these legendary warriors. Older children at that time learned basic strikes used by the players, and at the end of classes, dressed in full armor challenged the Kendokas in the battle.

The representation of Sopot Kendo Club and Jeppesen volunteers were very impressed by the huge enthusiasm and fighting spirit of all the participants who had chosen to participate in these tasks, which resulted in having a wonderful atmosphere and great fun during this unforgettable evening.