English Winter Camp 2014 – summary

English Summer/Winter Camp initiative was established by Project Management Institute Gdańsk Branch (PMI GB) in 2004. Then, for the very first time the camp was organized for a group of children from the neediest environment. It aimed, firstly, to increase English knowledge, secondly – introduce basics of project management and provide as well a wonderful and creative time spent on the camp. After several successful editions, in 2010 was born the idea of developing the program and expanding it by organizing winter edition.

“I am an idealist, and the world is not ideal. But instead of sitting with folded hands, I believe that together, in a team, we can change the world. Additionally, social job is the best leadership training ground, and none, even the largest commercial project, didn’t taught me so much as participation in charity event. When I hear: <<but she/he has experience only in a social project>>, I always want to invite my interlocutor to try him/herself in this project, but often without result. I’m an active PMI member for several years and since 2009 I have been involved in organizing English Camps, initially as a project manager (the first two editions), later as the program manager and sponsor. With pleasure I observe how this initiative is changing, attracting new people and companies – right now in the organization of each of the camps involved are more than 100 volunteers and more than 20 companies. I am very glad that we were able to build self-organizing, creative project teams. Thanks to this, not only the camps are becoming richer with each new edition, but also the volunteers have more opportunities to grow and their careers are gaining pace.” – says Małgorzata Kusyk, Director of PMI Gdańsk Branch.

Besides three – hour daily classes with qualified English teachers, children participate in numerous activities, games and workshops with volunteers .The program is designed in such a way, so that by participating in the camp, children could gain and strengthen belief in their own abilities; learn how to deal with stress and aggression. PMI as an initiator and main organizer of this event also conducts various workshops, where the primary goal is to introduce the subject of project management, as well as cooperation in the group through play.

During 2014 winter holidays, 36 children from several centers from Pomeranian voivodship had a chance to take part in the fifth edition of English Winter Camp, which took place in the school in Darżlubie. From 19th January till 1st February, beside the 30 hours of English course, the children had the opportunity to participate in the sleigh, had a trip to the Palace in Rzucewo, learnt how to prepare ceramics through making angels workshops, were decorating muffins, as well as participated in the conservation – chemical workshops. In addition to that, every day children have at their disposal a gym , where they could practice different sports (volleyball, basketball, football) , as well as organized mini sports tournaments.

One certainly can be said, no one knew what boredom is on EWC 2014. However, the most important was the afternoon and evening preceding the end of the camp. In the penultimate day of the camp, 31st of January 2014, we had a solemn Closing Ceremony of the camp combined with the charity Fashion Show. Karolina Łętowska, Project Manager of EWC 2014 opened the event. It was a day full of emotions for both participants and organizers. This was particularly important day for children, which could, sometimes with considerable stage-fright, present on the catwalk. They were wearing Reserved Kids clothes, which they received from the organizer of this event – the Gold Sponsor of EWC 2014 – LPP S.A. The company for the third time contributed to the organization of this event.

After the Fashion Show children received applause and there was not the end of the flashes and the admiration of guests, who came despite the snowdrifts and frost. Children received prizes and certificates for behavior, good performance in English course, as well as the tidiness of the rooms, which they maintained during the camp. There were also questions from the children to the organizers about next edition of the camp, which enjoys the most, as it is a proof for engaged volunteers and organizers of the camp that their sacrifice makes sense.

After the camp we do not slow down the pace, on February 19 this year children, their caretakers, our sponsors, partners, patrons and volunteers will have the opportunity to meet in Loopy’s World in Gdansk on post-camp meeting. And, in May the next project group begins to work on the eleventh edition of the English Summer Camp.

– We would like to thank everyone, who took part or contributed to the organization of the last camp for the fifteenth time. It was intensive work of more than 60 volunteers during almost three months, thanks to that once again we succeeded. We would like to thank for supporting us in various forms all our sponsors, partners, patrons, the list is very long and hopefully it will gradually expand. Thanks to all these people children, whose parents or caretakers cannot afford for vacation, could spend an unforgettable two weeks. – said after the fashiion show Ada Grzenkowicz, Project Manager of ESC 2014.