ESC 2013 Camp ending

Everything which is good, is ending quickly. On Monday, August 19, there was an official closing ceremony of English Summer Camp 2013.

On that solemn day our children had the opportunity to present their own projects – blog posts that were the result of the two – weeks work during the camp! We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the content on our blog here.

Children also received awards for good performance in the English lessons, for good behavior and for their commitment. No one could leave empty-handed, so the children received awards for their work and for their involvement in all activities. The main prize for 12 children will be educational trip to Warsaw at the beginning of October.

Thanks were also passed to the organizers and to the people and institutions involved in the organization of the camp. We will miss the camp participants of ESC 2013. We hope that participation in the camp motivated children to learn English, helped them to discover new passions and above all, was a time of fun.